mistakes, a one direction love story

part two :D


1. could i be?

Jessies POV: I sneak off to the drug store to get a test, the cashier gives me a very disapproving glance as i pay for it. I go straight home and take the test but it seams to take hours to work. Five minutes to work my *ss i think to myself as i wait for it to give me an answer. it was foggy but then there was a little horizontal line and a vertical one that crossed through it.. I completely colapsed with my head in my hand balling and gasping for air, why would this happen to me?! not knowing what to do i call my best friend Ciarra she picks up the phone im crying too hard to talk but she stays on the phone and calms me down saying that everythings going to be okay  even though she doesn't know what i'm upset about. Once i calm down enough to talk i actually shout. "Ciarra, im pregnant!!" Theres a silence and then she just calmly asks me "have you told taylor?' the tears come flooding back. "Oh god i haven't thought about that! What should i do?!" "Jessie your secrets safe with me, you can tell taylor when ever your ready" Ciarra says but then she has to go because she has volleyball I say good bye then hang up.Ciarras such a good friend, but i couldn't just tell him when ever I want. I have to tell him soon don't I? but i dont know what he'll do hopefully he'll invite me to live at his house or something good like that. I just text him saying that tomorrow he needs to come over to my house because i have something to talk to him about. he replies with an okay and a winky face. "Everything doesnt have to be about sex taylor". i think to myself but just reply with a smiley face because i dont want him to be angry at me. I get up and head to the kitchen to make a sandwich then spot my mom staring at me.OH CRAP I forgot to put on any make up so my eyes are probably all piffy and red but instead of comforting me she just leaves the room. Now I know for sure she doesn't  care about me but instead of saying anything i just take my sandwich back to my bedroom and try to cover up all traces of me crying and wait to see taylor tomorrow...


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