Creation of Life

A poem about reproduction.


1. Creation of Life



Right from the start, as Adam and Eve

We’ve all got a thing to achieve

To find a partner and cut loose

Settle down and reproduce.


Well, that's the point of our life

To eat, sleep and find a wife

But are you girl, you must understand

You’ve got to find yourself a man.


But in these days, it's not complex

If you're attracted to the same sex

Today you can get an insemination

To help you out with fertilization


But I'm a man who wants a lady

Who will give birth to my baby

A baby our specie needs.

To grow up, and start to breed


And one day, this child of mine

Will find a mate, and toe the line

'cause my boy or girl will know it too

Just as well as me and you.


Birds, mammals, plants and 'shrooms

Reptiles, trees and flowers which bloom

Are all made for giving birth

to population of The Earth

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