Queen Bee

Perrie is unpopular she wears glasses,has boring short light brown hair, sapphire blue eyes and very pale skin.She wants to be the queen bee,have her own clique,have the hottest boyfriend and everything else the most popular girl in school has so she decides its time for a change


5. The truth


I went upstairs and got changed into my skinny jeans,my I <3 Nerds shirt,an over sized button up t-shirt but I will leave It undone to see the shirt.I then put on some converse,I was ready to go shopping.I cant stop thinking about what happend between me and Izzy yesterday,she was way out of order.But I think I was a bit out of order aswell,I mean I showed up at her doorstep asking to go shopping without seeing If she was busy or giving her time to prepare before hand.

I gotta stop blaming myself,Im gonna have a fun day with Nina and Kelly.



"Perrie is a popular wannabe and thats how she will stay"Said Nina as she apliad her lip gloss "But I thought Perrie had popular potential so she could hang out with us?"I asked confused "she does,but if she becomes the Queen Bee then I will be removed from my throne and put back down to.....the queen bee's 'best friend'"she replied "but what do you mean 'best friend'?"I asked confused "I mean that you are only a side kick,so If somehow I have to leave or I am demoted to a follower then you take control,though we are best friends so dont worry about being my side kick"replied Nina.Did she really just say that?!Or are my ears playing tricks on me?I need to warn Perrie.Nina will not trick her just like she tricked me.

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