Queen Bee

Perrie is unpopular she wears glasses,has boring short light brown hair, sapphire blue eyes and very pale skin.She wants to be the queen bee,have her own clique,have the hottest boyfriend and everything else the most popular girl in school has so she decides its time for a change


2. First day of school

Perrie's P.O.V

I woke up at 6:00am to get dressed and do my make up.I looked in the mirror and fixed my bed head,i walked over to my desk and got my make up.I put my make up on first then i got dressed into my boring school uniform.My uniform hardly fit anymore from where i had lost weight so i had to put a belt on over the skirt,i heard the school bus pull up outside so grabbed my things and ran downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed an apple to eat as brekfast because i was on a diet,as i ran to the bus people stared out of the bus windows at me.There jaws had dropped as i stepped inside the bus "who is the new girl?" whispered Nina Morris the most popular girl in school "who is that new cute girl?"whispered Danny Blake the captain of the football team and the most popular boy in the school.I went to sit in the middle of the bus "wait,thats Perrie Caine"whispered Kelly Brooks the second most popular girl at school.

When I got to school I saw Courtney walking with her best friend Stella "hey Courtney"i said "hi Perrie"replied Courtney.I walked up to my first class,art,when i got there Nina Morris and Kelly Brooks sitting at a desk talking about what they usually talked about boys,fashion,shopping and critisizing everyone else.I looked over to the other side of the classroom and saw my BFF Isabella but everyone calls her Izzy for short "hey Izzy"i said "hey Perrie"replied Izzy "Perrie sit by me and Kelly?"asked Nina "um,okay"i replied "i will sit by you tomorrow Izzy"i said "okay"agreed Izzy


Why is Perrie ditching me for Nina,she has always hated her.Why does she look so different too "goodmorning class,today we shall be doing a art project where all you have to do i paint the logo's of you're favorite brand on canvas"announced the teacher as she handed us all a canvas each.I looked down on to the blank canvas and thought of my favorite logos,i thought of Mac,Bobbi Brown,Loreal Paris,Barry M and Rimmel.I walked to the back of the art room where all the paint was kept and took some black paint and started to walk back.As i walked i saw Nina put her foot out and tried to make me slip,i tried to dodge her foot but i still tripped and spilled the paint all over me.My blue jeans, white top and blue cardigan was covered in black paint "hahaha!"laughed Nina and the other populars.Jamie Colins came over to me and helped me up "you okay Izzy?"asked Jamie in his cute irish accsent "yeah im fine"i replied as he helped me up "Isabella go home and get some new clothes then come back to school"ordered the teacher

I walked to my house that was only ten minuutes away.I put my key in the door and unlocked it,i went upstairs and into my walk in wardrobe.I don't feel like i want to go back to school,i would be too embaressed,so insted of grabbing school clothes so i grabbed some P.J's and put them on.I went back downstairs and turned on the telly,i watched Friends for a bit,my favourite charecter is Joey.Then i watched Glee insted of Friends,my fave charecter in this is Mercades or Quinn.I fell asleep half way into the episode.

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