Queen Bee

Perrie is unpopular she wears glasses,has boring short light brown hair, sapphire blue eyes and very pale skin.She wants to be the queen bee,have her own clique,have the hottest boyfriend and everything else the most popular girl in school has so she decides its time for a change


4. Date and argument


Izzy's POV:

Jamie will be here any minute  and I stilll havent got any make up on.I went to run upstairs to get on some make up when the doorbell rang,I went to go and answer it.It was Perrie "Hi,I thought we could go shopping today"Announced Perrie "I cant im going on a date with Jamie today"I said "Jamie!He is such a loser you could do better"Said Perrie "What do you mean by that?"I asked angerly "I meant that Jamie is an unpopular,weird loser!You should be trying to blend in with my new friends now and not going on dates with weirdos like Jamie!"Informed Perrie "well mabey I want to go out with Jamie and dont want to be seen as a stuck up snob like Nina and Kelly!And whatever happened to our friendship Perrie?!"I shouted "Well I became popular and people like you are not so I left you,hear me Izzy left you"Shouted Perrie,I tried to hold back my tears "well then you can give this to Nina,I dont need it"I said as a pulled my half of the bff necklace of my neck and threw it at her "Bye Perrie!"I said and slammed the door in her face.

I let all my tears go when she left.There was another knock at the door,I went to answer it,Jamie."Hi Izzy,you ready for our da-"He stopped as he saw my tears "whats wrong?"he asked softly,I could not hold it anymore.I fell forward into Jamie's arms and cried,he wrapped his arms around me tight."Can we just stay here insted tonight and watch TV?"I asked "Okay,only if you explain why your crying"He replied,I nodded.

We went into the living room and I explained the whole thing.


I dont need Izzy,I have Nina and Kelly.Im gonna ask Nina if she wants to go shopping Tomorrow.

PERRIE-Hey Ni me,u and Kel shoppin tomorwz??:)

Nina-Sure,c u thr xxx :)

Im gonna tell Nina the whole thing,now she will hate Izzy just as much as me.She will wish she never would have got on my bad side



Sorry for the really long wait!

Perrie Is getting really mean,poor Izzy.So tell me,do you think Izzy will get with Jamie?Will Perrie become friends with Izzy again?Or will Nina take somthing or somone that isnt and should not ever be hers?

Wait and see......

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