Queen Bee

Perrie is unpopular she wears glasses,has boring short light brown hair, sapphire blue eyes and very pale skin.She wants to be the queen bee,have her own clique,have the hottest boyfriend and everything else the most popular girl in school has so she decides its time for a change


3. BFFS?


When i woke up it was 5:30pm,i had slept for ages.I looked at my phone,five new messages

Hey Izz,wen u cmin bck 2 skool?x-Perrie

Isabella me and dad r cmin home at 9:00 tonight make dinner 4 ur self or go over Perrie's xx-mum

Izzy!Mrs Thompson is gettin angry cuz u not here so get here now!-Perrie

Izzy where r u!I told miss u felt ill so u went home and stayed home u owe me 1-Perrie

Hi Izzy,u wanna catch a film tomorrwz?AKA do u wanna go out on a date with me tomorro?we can c any film u want:)x-Jamie

OMG!Jamie wants to go on a date with me!I can not belive it!

Okay c u tomorro:)xxx-Izzy

Im so excited,im going on a date with Jamie!I gotta go and tell Perrie.I ran upstairs and grabbed a tracksuit,put it on and ran out the door.Perrie only lived next door so it did not take long.I banged so hard on the door that it nearly hurt my hand,then somone came to the door "hey Perrie-"i stopped and saw Courtney standing in the doorway "hey Courtney where is Perrie?"i asked "she went shopping with Nina and Kelly"replied Courtney "okay well tell her to come round my house when she gets back"i said "okay"replied Courtney as she closed the door.Why did Perrie go shopping with Nina and Kelly?We always go shopping together.Wait,today she ditched me for them and now she is going shopping with them.No it cant be......Perrie is fallen into the popular zone and left me her BFFL.Or should i say


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