Queen Bee

Perrie is unpopular she wears glasses,has boring short light brown hair, sapphire blue eyes and very pale skin.She wants to be the queen bee,have her own clique,have the hottest boyfriend and everything else the most popular girl in school has so she decides its time for a change


1. Make up

Perrie's P.O.V

I flipped through the fashion pages in the latest issue of 'Ur Life!' magazine and looked at all the glamorous models,then i looked at myself in the mirror,i was not half as beautiful as the models in the magazine.Im unpopular,ugly,goody goody,wore glasses and chubby,so i decided that i was gonna get a full makeover.I grabbed my purse and went straight to the hair salon "hello,what would you like done with your hair today?"asked the hair stylist "can you dye my hair dirty blonde?"i asked the stylist "sure"said the stylist,she grabbed some dye and put it on my hair.After the stylist done my hair i got a spray tan in another salon down the road and it made my pale skin look like i had been on the beach all day.

I walked to superdrug and bought two mascaras,one large pot of eye shadow,pink lip stick,red lip stick,lip gloss,eye liner,concieler,fondation and lots of other bits of make up.One of the people that worked in superdrug told me that there was a shop that sold really cheap but nice clothes,so i decided to go there.When i got to the shop i saw exsactly what i wanted to buy,i went to the back of the shop and grabbed a denium jacket,short shorts,a vest top,a blue belt,a pair of electric blue converse,a leather jacket and lots of other stuff.After shopping for an hour i went home.I looked at myself in the mirror again,i looked georgous.Now all that i needed to do was use the contact lenses that i got a few years ago and i needed to lose a bit of weight and i would be ready to go back to school and become one of the populars.

I decided to go and see my little sister who is starting year 8 while im starting year 11 "hi,Courtney"i said as i walked into her bedroom "hi?who are you?"asked Courney "its me Perrie,your big sister"i replied "Perrie you look so different!"said Courtney,now i definatly knew that i looked................Beautiful.

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