Sam's Diary


3. Start Again!

Oh my gosh, I was SO stupid when I was little! So I'll rewrite what I wrote on the previous page:

Blah blah blah... I love unicorns... Blah blah blah... I love my mummy...

(Eww!!!! Disgusting!!!!)

My mum and I are not doing good just the two of us. Practically I'm alone! Cuz she leaves for work at like 5am and comes back past midnight. I can hardly remeber what she looks like!! But the rest is true: my dad died in a work accident when my mum was expecting me. Oh well. Who cares!? I dealt with it aaages ago!

Okay, so am I now nearly 14 and still living in the same stinking flat with my non-excistent mum. The only thing that's new is  my dog, Bean. He's a black pug puppy, we - sorry, I - found him next to a bin last year. I had to feed him with warm milk for a month until he could eat normal puppy food. He was so thin and mushy and, to be honest, pretty disgusting...

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