Sam's Diary


1. Before I start...

First of all, this is NOT a diary. Even though that's what it says on the front cover. My mum got me it like 4 years ago or something, but I totally forgot forgot about it... until now. My stupid little brother barged into my room and compeletly messed it up. Pssh! But no way am I gonna bother to clean it up! I don't care if it's dirty; the only part of the day that I spend there is when I go sleep. Getting back to the point: my bro, Jack (or should I say, Jack-ass), threw everything out of my drawers and piled it in the very middle of my room. And on the very top of that pile lay this diary. Correction: notebook. That's what I'll rather call it. A notebook. Cuz diaries are for girly girls. Which I am not, and proud of it! Jack probably read it. I just read it myself and LMFAO for what I wrote in it when I was smaller! So i'm warning you: it's jokes and i wrote it when i was 9 and obesessed with unicorns... Yeaaah... So the next couple of pages are out of date. Just saying.

Second of all, you better put this book down. If you are reading this, it means you can prepare yourself to greet my fists. Actually, i bet i'm standing behind you rightn now! Turn around - BOO! Haha. No, I'm serious; DO NOT READ ON!! Or else...

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