black and white spots

dog finds owner owner finds a wife and wife kicks dog out sad story must read.


1. 1

I was born along with my sisters. 

When i first saw light in my life it made me feel warm and happy.

My mother told me and my siblings we would soon part.

I was upset when i first heard this but i was willing and ready to go out on my own.

All of us sat in the pen looking at the humans pass and look and say how cute we were.

When came the day when i felt the touch of warm hands wrap around me.

When i arrived at my new home i was not toilet trained and i went to the toilet in the house i was so nervous.

But he would not give out to me.

We always play and we were soon best friends.

I did everything for him and he adored me.

We bonded more each day.

I knew nothing would separate us.

Soon i was older and way faster than him but i never left him behind.

I would love the sunshine on my back on the beach after we played frisbee.

But he started to go out more and soon came back with a female human.

They bonded close also but i knew he still loved me.

There was something i didnt like about her though.

She ignored me as i tried to nuzzle her.

Soon came the little one and i loved her.

But then one day i heard the female say he might hurt her get him out.

My owner fought but soon gave up.

He came over and said not to worry that i was going somewere loveley.

But i was upset when i saw a tear roll down his cheek i knew he wasnt comeing.

She was takeing me to this place.

I didnt want to belive what was happening.

But i was obiedient and hopped into the car nuzzleing against my owner woundering when i would see him again.

He said one last goodbye and then she drove off with me.

Soon she stopped and said just get out im not bothered to go all the way.

Then she pushed me onto the streets.

Then she drove off i was scared and confused.

All that night i whined for my owner hoping he would come but he never did.

I soon got tired and sore from searching and after a few weeks i knew my loveley life was passed.

I didnt understand why he left me.

I was upset i had a great life.

I soon gave in i knew my life was over.

But before i left this life i remembered my bond with him and i knew i will never forget him.

Then i heard his last whisper : dont worry, as i closed my eyes for the last time ever.


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