Collection of my old work

I did not write these recently, in fact, I wrote them 2 years ago on Hubpages and other writing sites when I was 10 years old. I got bored so I thought I'd check it and found my account still blocked for over a year:( No one could see them so I thought I'd put a few on here! Only a few though, some of them are so bad I can't even read them:3 Enjoy! Will add more later!!:D

PS- might add some stuff from year 6 or something:)



Sam sighed heavily as he picked up the controller for his xbox. He had just got back from school from a telling off about the "My dog ate my homework" excuse. On Monday, Alice was going to kill him for throwing her homework to the dog who ripped it up. However, when he had taped it back together, he realised it was his, so he had to face school telling the teacher in front of his class-mates about the dog excuse and it wasn't funny - They all laughed. Well not for Sam at least, but it was for his annoying little sister, Alice!

It's the best of both worlds! Alice was listening to music, just to annoy Sam.

"Alice! Turn it down!" Sam yelled. The music continued. "TURN IT DOWN!" Sam screeched again.

"Sam! Don't be mean to your sister!" Violet, Sam's mum called from downstairs.

"Yes, Sam, don't be mean to your sister!" Alice yelled annoyingly. Sam longed to tell his sister to shut up, but he would be in big trouble, once again.

It was Wednesday, Sam's favourite day as he goes to football club. However, he could not go as he was grounded from the homework incident. Why can't Alice stay out of this? Sam thought. Seconds later, his mum called: "I'm going out! you two be good, OK?" Well, Alice won't but neither would Sam, as a matter of fact. Without giving his mum a reply, she went out and slammed the door behind her.

Seconds later, Alice burst into the room. "I want a sandwich, so you have to make me one," Alice moaned.

"No! Go make one your self!" Sam replied angrily, not taking his eyes off the TV screen.

"I'll tell mummy!" Alice said back to him.


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"Will you shut up? It's all your fault that my homework got thrown in the bin and I got a F-!" Sam moaned, getting up off the bed.

"My fault? You were the one who threw the homework to the dog, so really, it's all your fault! So there!" Alice whined, sticking her tongue out and folding her arms - this got Sam extremely annoyed - he lunged and Alice grabbing hold of her wrists.

"You are so annoying! Go away!" Sam shouted as he pushed her out of the room.

"Nah nah. You got an F!"

"Shut up!" Sam screeched as he pushed into the bathroom.

"Oh, I'm so scared! What shall I do?" Alice laughed sarcastically, backing away to the sink. Sam stomped inside and slammed the door shut. Cling! Clatter! Sam saw the shocked look on Alice's face and slowly turned around. The door nob had fallen off! "You idiot!" Alice screeched. "Why did you close the door?"

"So I could come in here and teach you a lesson," he grumbled, teeth gritted.

"Well, we're trapped now, all thanks to you!" Sam couldn't be bothered to argue any more, he just slumped down onto the floor. His mum would be back in an hour - there's no point arguing that long.

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Seconds later, he heard rustling - it must be Alice. Then he heard the turning of a page. He longed to turn around and look at what Alice was doing, but then she may annoy him again. then he heard a snicker - he must turn round to see what she was looking at. She was laughing at a photo album of him! "Where did you get that from?" he asked urgently.

"Why should I tell you?" she said.

"Just tell me!"

"OK, OK, keep your hair on!" Alice stood up and reached to pull the handle on the 4th cupboard to get the large, straw box full of photos, diaries, folders and hundreds of notes. But why was it all kept in the bathroom? Sam rummaged through the box, searching for a photo album of Alice. Eventually, he found it. "Aw, look at the little baby Alice playing with Winnie The Pooh. How sweet!" Sam cooed.

"Give me that!" Alice screeched. Without thinking about it, Sam dropped the box and the whole contents leaked out.

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Alice gasped. All of the photos were bent, all of the notes were ripped and the photo album of his mum and dad had been bent. "What have you done!?" Alice screeched. She attempted to punch him, the little girl punch she always gave him, but Sam dodged the punch. However, it hit a beautiful ornament of a gold, gleaming cat.

CRASH! The orange-yellow cat had slid right of the shelf and shattered into smithereens on the floor, With only the black collar left... Sam and Alice were in trouble - big trouble. Suddenly, Sam realised that mum would be home in 5 minutes. Quickly, he gathered the pieces up from the floor and approached the door. How would they get out? the door was closed and the door nob had come off! Don't worry, thought Sam.They won't be back for another 5 minutes.

"Alice! Sam! I'm home!" There was a sudden rush as Sam put the pieces back into his hands. He would have to tell the truth. Sadly, he called: "MUM! UP HERE!" As quick as a flash, mum dashed up the stairs.

"Where are you?" she asked.

"In here!" Sam shouted back. Violet noticed what was wrong. She lunged at the door with her whole weight and it jolted open. "Sam? What are you doing with that cat?"

"Alice threw it at me and she's been annoying all day! Tell her, mum!"

"No she did not, you're being mean to her again."

"Nah nah!" Said Alice.

"Fine. It fell off the shelf and it smashed. There."

"Oh, what a shame. I was going to sell it at a car boot sale for 50p because it wasn't worth much and it was taking up space."


"Go on, go and play on your xbox while I clean this up." Relieved, Sam jumped on his bed and picked up his xbox controller, once again. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Who was that? When Sam went to open it, he thought it would be Alice's silly little friends. However, when he opened the door he saw--


"Hi Sam, can you play out?" he questioned. Without a second thought, Sam called: "MUM! I'M OFF OUT!"

"Don't mind me, I'll just carry on sweeping this."


"Sam, can I come too?" came a squeak from behind him.

"Yeah, sure, we're off to the forest again to see the forest monster." Alice squealed and dashed back inside, slamming the door behind her. At this, Sam laughed and slapped high five with Kyle.

Alice always believes what Sam says.


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