Collection of my old work

I did not write these recently, in fact, I wrote them 2 years ago on Hubpages and other writing sites when I was 10 years old. I got bored so I thought I'd check it and found my account still blocked for over a year:( No one could see them so I thought I'd put a few on here! Only a few though, some of them are so bad I can't even read them:3 Enjoy! Will add more later!!:D

PS- might add some stuff from year 6 or something:)


2. The Forest monster

Sam pocketed his precious marble as Alice, panting, jogged by. It was a blistering hot summer's day and Sam was up for a challenge - an adventure, as usual. As Alice got closer to Sam, he slowly stood up, waiting to discuss with Alice where they should go for an adventure.

"Hi, sam," Alice said casually. "Where shall we go?" she asked. Where sould they go? The park, the lake, the cave, the abndoned castle at the other side of of the world... Sam made a quick desision. "Ummm... how about the lake? Kyle said he would meet up with me there after school." He replied. "Sounds good! I've never been there before!" Alice commented enthusiastically. Alice caught up to Sam, heels clacking behind. An awkward moment passed by when Sam piped up:

"Alice, have you ever heard of the forest monster?" Sam asked. Oh, this was going to end up very bad. Sam was 11 and Alice was 7 so she would believe everything he said!

"No, why?"

"Well, it's a big, long animal that looks like a dog, it's grey and it has huge, shiny white teeth!"

"Wow! Oh no, the forest! Do I have to go in there?"

"That's where the lake is! You either go in there or go home. Your choice, chicken."

"It's very scary..."




"Fine! I'll go inside!"

Storming, Alice went ahead without him. Soon she would see... Secretly worried, Alice approached the colossal forest with tall, looming trees that touched the clouds; the unwelcoming predators. Alice stopped dead in her path. She was too scared to go inside. "Come on!" Sam called as he overtook her to the forest. Eventually, Alice had to go inside. Despite the fact of being scared, she quickly caught up with Sam who was at the aqua-blue lake.

"Come on, it's not so bad!" Sam said to Alice.

"Where's the forest monster?" she questioned, a little more scared now.

"There's no such thing! I was only joking!" "Oh." Alice relaxed slightly now she knew there was no forest monster. Two hours passed and they had a huge amount of fun - climbing trees, chasing rabbits, playing catch and even having a little paddle in the lake! But it soon got dark - Sam and Alice had to go home soon.

Suddenly, a huge, long animal with razor-sharp teeth sprang out of the bushes, growling. "The forest monster!" Alice screeched. "It's real!"

It was, in fact, a wolf. Sam knew, of course, but was still scared to death. They stayed still for a few seconds, then lunged to the right and escaped from the forest, the fierce wolf snapping behind. "Run!" Sam screamed, more scared than he ever has been in his life. Soon enough, they were out of the forest. The wolf gave up and stalked back to it's habitat. "I'm never going there again!" Sam said, out of breath. "I'm not getting in the way of a forest monster ever, ever again!"

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