Collection of my old work

I did not write these recently, in fact, I wrote them 2 years ago on Hubpages and other writing sites when I was 10 years old. I got bored so I thought I'd check it and found my account still blocked for over a year:( No one could see them so I thought I'd put a few on here! Only a few though, some of them are so bad I can't even read them:3 Enjoy! Will add more later!!:D

PS- might add some stuff from year 6 or something:)


3. The dog ate my homework!

"You're such an idiot, Sam!" Alice screeched, stamping her foot. "Why did you throw my homework to the dog?" It was Monday, and the homework was due on Tuesday. Three days earlier, they had witnessed a wolf, 'The Forest Monster.' Sam was the one to tell his mother, but as usual, she didn't believe him, and if Alice told her mother, would she ever believe her? No. And this time, she was was in BIG trouble. Have you ever heard the saying "The dog ate my homework?" Nobody ever believed it, but this time, it was true.

"I didn't do it, the dog stole it off the table!" Sam replied, grinning. Yes, that definitely happened. Especially since Sam lives in the house.

"I saw you, you liar! You have to get it back!"

"I can't! It's in the bin, remember?"

"Well you have to get it back if it kills you! Or I will kill you." Sam backed off at this. She's right, she really would kill him. Get revenge. Would never forgive, never forget...

"OK! OK! I'll get you're stupid homework back!" Sam sighed reluctantly.

"It's not stupid! It took me 5 minutes to work out 12 times by 7!"


"Well, you're older than me, OK?" Alice moaned.

"OK, I get it, now shut up! I have to do the washing up."

"Ha ha!"

"You'll be doing it when you're 11 too."

"No I won't."

"Just you wait..."

When Sam had finished the washing up, he quickly dried his hands and went to play on his xbox, as usual. Then he remembered: The homework. somehow, he had to get it back. But how? Then he had an idea - he'd fix all the pieces together! He dashed out into the garden where the dog was lying, soulful puppy eyes staring up at Sam - he knew he had done something wrong. "Bad dog!" Sam said, "don't ever do that again!" Benjy, the dog, wagged his tail, despite the fact that he knew he had done something wrong.

Now, where was that homework? Sam thought. suddenly, he spotted it under the bin. Rats! he thought. It was ripped into shreds! And it was as dirty as a cloth dipped in a swamp! Great, Sam thought. In a flash, he gathered all the torn pieces of Alice's homework and threw them onto his bed, before giving Benjy one last glare. He sighed and tripped over as he ran to get the cellotape, falling on his xbox. "This is so annoying! Why can't she do it herself?" he wondered aloud as he reached to get the cellotape.

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An hour later, the maths homework was finished. Yes! He could show Alice! Suddenly, Alice burst into the room. "It's OK now, Sam. My homework was under my pillow." Without letting Sam answer, she slammed the door and went back to her room. So who's homework was this? Sam pondered. He looked at the homework, realising it was not Alice's at all. It was his!


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