Collection of my old work

I did not write these recently, in fact, I wrote them 2 years ago on Hubpages and other writing sites when I was 10 years old. I got bored so I thought I'd check it and found my account still blocked for over a year:( No one could see them so I thought I'd put a few on here! Only a few though, some of them are so bad I can't even read them:3 Enjoy! Will add more later!!:D

PS- might add some stuff from year 6 or something:)


5. Happy birthday Alice...

Great, Sam thought. My all-time-worst sister is having her birthday party - today. He never gets fussed about when it was his birthday, so why does Alice? He could hear her from the other room:

"Yeah, I hope I get more than 30 presents like last time and I hope the cake is better. Last year it was tiny!" That was so not true! Sam thought. Last years cake was like a wedding cake! And Sam gets less than ten presents and he never makes a fuss! Huffing and puffing, Sam snatched the beautifully gift wrapped present which Alice won't approve of and dashed downstairs to give it to his mum. "Have you got her present, Sam?" she questioned.

"Of course I have, it's right here! Are you blind?" Sam replied.

"Hey, no cheek from you or there will be no cake. And sing properly this year! Last year was appalling!" Smiling, Sam thought back to last year's party...

"Hello? Am I gonna get an answer or what?"

"Yes! OK! Here's Alice's stupid present," Sam moaned, handing the present to his mother.

"No, you are going to give her it this year and no gritting your teeth whilst saying happy birthday."


"Just go upstairs and get ready!" Violet yelled, getting impatient. Well so was Sam! Once again, he stomped upstairs, not caring to take any notice of what Alice was blabbering about on the phone. It was time for revenge. But what should he do? Slowly, a smile crept upon Sam's face. He had the idea for a perfect revenge...



"YAY! It's my birthday! My birthday! I want my presents! No body's sharing my cake! It's all mine!" Slice screeched, jumping down the stairs in her party dress and clacking heels. Let's get this over with, Sam thought. The trap was set. He just had to wait...

"SAM! GET DOWN HERE NOW!" Violet screeched. Oh, no. She better not have found the trap...

"WHAT is this?" Violet screamed, holding 10 soggy, chewed up birthday cards.

"Em...I don't know..."

"Of course you know! They were in you bedroom! You're grounded!

"Why would I eat those smelly old birthday cards?"

"So you're some kind of dog now?"

"OH...No, it wasn't me who let I'm upstairs!"

"Oh, well who was it, then, the card monster?" Suddenly, Sam saw Alice sneaking about, snickering.

"It wasn't me, it was Alice! I swear!"

"Why would it be Alice? She's always been my little princess." Suddenly, Alice appeared. This got Sam really annoyed.

"It wasn't me, mummy, it was Sammy, I saw him shoo the dog upstairs!" she said in her most innocent little voice, flicking her fake eyelashes.


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