Never tell me a lie

Erica and her friends get a surprise. Tickets to 1D. But what will happen after the concert. Read to find out


2. The present

" it's here Erica" " what mom I'm busy staring into green eyes" " come out" " fine"
I step out of my room to see my mom with a box from FedEx "open it " so I did. I found 3 things.
A 1D notebook,a 1D poster of my favourate boys Harry and Louis. But what is that one thing. Huh I made a 1D joke. Then I saw them. 3 1D tickets for up all night in Toronto.
I stared at my mom. She looked at me. I jump into her Arms thanking her 13 times. Yes I counted. And she told me to call skylar and Victoria to invite them. So I did. Can't wait tell sept 7th 2012
(it's August 30th 2012)
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