Never tell me a lie

Erica and her friends get a surprise. Tickets to 1D. But what will happen after the concert. Read to find out


5. The aukword concert

As we pass the place, we see that theres no girls i sight. "Mom are we early?" " No were on time." I'm getting confused. " I talked to paul and booked a concert just for you girls" This may be weird but, HARRY STYLES IS GOING TO SING TO ME!

We enter the place and its HUGE! maybe like 200 rows. We take are seats, first row. My ticket said 5th I thought. We chat and I hear the boys." This sucks theres no girls!" "Yes there is 3. The middle one looks cute." I look, I'm sitting on the right." The left one looks cuter." " The right one is not so cute than the others" did I just here Liam say that im not cute? I DID! I feel depressed. Why did I even start to like one direction. " Guys don't say that." A boy looks over at me. I look too. Its Harry."I think she's hot" Harry Styles just said that I'm hot! Then it gets dark. I HATE the dark.and one direction walks out and they start singing One thing. I'm trying not to freak. After they finished we clap. then Victoria wispers in my ear." Harry likes you. I can tell." I looked at Harry and he winked at me. I think Harry Styles has a crush on me. And i also see that Niall has a crush on Skylar. They sang 5 more songs before they signed our things. I got my book signed by all 5. Then Harry says to me " You might need this on your phone." He handed me a piece of paper. " Thanks" We say are goodbyes and I waited to open the paper tell we got to the car.My friends wanted to see what Harry gave me. I opened the paper and see numbers on the paper. I had to look at it for 5 min before I relized that Harry gave me his phone number.

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