Never tell me a lie

Erica and her friends get a surprise. Tickets to 1D. But what will happen after the concert. Read to find out


3. No sleep

One more night tell I get to see 1D. I want to be as engergized like a cheeta. Well it's 2:10am and nothing. I can't stop thinking about Harry singing to me. Well not to me but to million of crazier girls than me. My phone lights up my room. All I could see was posters of 1D on my wall. Now I'm wide awake. Thanks to whoever texted me. I look at my phone. Unknown number. I ignore it and start to doze off.POOF I'm out at around 3 according to my mom. I had a dream that I met Harry in my hometown and he walked up to me and hugged me. Then I woke up
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