Me without You

Caitlyn Neese is a lonely girl who's family just doesn't under stand her. She needs someone who will love her for who she is! Can she find her true love?


2. The Guys

Caitlyn's p.o.v.
When we got to the hotel, I was in for a big surprise!!!
I didn't know what to think when I was surrounded by four other people besides Louis!! So I wanted to know who these people were and it was like they read me so they went down the line. A blonde lad said his name was Niall and that he loved to eat. Then a boy with huge brown eyes looked at me and said " My name is Liam!" Next a boy with a mirror in his hand said his name was Zayn. Finally a handsome pad with beautiful curly hair said," Hi my name is Harry and I love Tacos!" I laughed and said" me too and if you guys want I can make som tacos for lunch!" they all agreed. I got checked in, unpacked, and I started making the tacos. While I was waiting for the shells to get done I went and got the boys. When we all sat and started eating I asked Louis how did he know these guys. " Didn't you get my letter?" I shook my head no. Then he told me about their band called One Direction! I was shocked to hear that but also proud of my big cousin. I wanted to get to know the guys better...
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