Me without You

Caitlyn Neese is a lonely girl who's family just doesn't under stand her. She needs someone who will love her for who she is! Can she find her true love?


3. Love Birds

Harry's pov

A few days later I couldn't sleep. I needed to talk to someone." Caitlyn" I thought. She opened the door when I knock. " I can't sleep Caitlyn" "Well Harry whats up are you ok?" I shook my head no. " what's up?" " Caitlyn? I have to ask you one question." " yeah" she said fluttering her eyelashes. " What do you think of me?" " Well to be honest, I think you are a very kind gentleman and you are very good looking!" I looked surprised because I thought she might not like me. " Would you like to go on a date some time?" I asked. She nodded with a huge grin full of white teeth. "Where would you like to go" " anywhere you want" " How about we go to..... see the three-d version of Love Acctually?" "Oh my god I love that movie and I am saying yes!!," she said. " Be ready at 9:30 to head out ok?" she nodded. Now I will be able to sleep!
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