Me without You

Caitlyn Neese is a lonely girl who's family just doesn't under stand her. She needs someone who will love her for who she is! Can she find her true love?


6. Dreading Summer's End

Harry's pov

I woke up the next day thinking what was I going to do when Summer  ended. I went to Caitlyn's room and knocked. She didn't answer. Louis was behind me, I knew it. He put his hand on my shoulder and said," She left lad. She went to a house she bought a couple days ago. She left you this letter." He handed me a small heavy envelope. It said: 

Dear Harry,

        I am sorry for not informing you that I was leaving. You mean everything to me! I will miss you dearly. I am in America now. Don't worry, I'm not that far away. I asked Louis to help you set up a Skype on your laptop. You will see me soon. You'll always be on my mind. I love you!!!!!!!!!                                                               


                                                              Love, Your Girlfriend,


                                                                      Caitlyn [:



                  P.S. Summer's over!

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