Me without You

Caitlyn Neese is a lonely girl who's family just doesn't under stand her. She needs someone who will love her for who she is! Can she find her true love?


1. One less lonely girl in this world

Caitlyn was finishing up packing when she noticed a letter on the floor. She couldn't help it so she read it and it said: LOOK OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW!
She was so anxious so she did and she couldn't believe her eyes. Could it be? None other than her cousin Louis Tomlinson!!! She ran outside to go see him! "Louis, what are you doing here?," she asked. " I wanted to come see you and how are you?," Louis asked? "Terrible, I am moving out because no one will listen to me, accept you of course!," she said. Louis wanted to help so he asked her if she wanted to move in with him. " YES YES YES!!!!!," she said excitedly. So Caitlyn and Louis hauled her stuff into his car and went on their way.
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