The Boy's That Changed My Life

Jessica never really planned to meet One Direction. Just a day ago, she didn't know who they were, nor did she care who they were. But when a cute boy with brown curls offers her something she could never pass down, does her whole world turn around?


3. My Social Life (Short Chapter!)


We walked out of the door, and straight back to the apartment. On my way out, I had made sure to look back, but only looking back to realize the boys were gone.

Were they following us?

I couldn't quite figure it all out. I decided that when we got back to my place, I would work on playing more of my piano. It always calmed me down. 

Melissa sat on the floor eating her food, making crunching noises as she scrolled through images on Instagram. Melissa always had to stay connected to the world. She was always one bar ahead of me on the social news. Always one bar ahead of me on the social ladder. I couldn't help it, i've always devoted my life to music. But I've never considered myself a talented singer, counted as many times Melissa has confessed of how angelic my voice is. 

Melissa finished her food and said she'd text me later, since she was going to the mall. Another example of her amazing social life. I don't understand why she'd ever be bestfriends with me. But it honestly doesn't bother me so much. 


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