The Boy's That Changed My Life

Jessica never really planned to meet One Direction. Just a day ago, she didn't know who they were, nor did she care who they were. But when a cute boy with brown curls offers her something she could never pass down, does her whole world turn around?


2. I'm not that Hungry Anymore...


Jessica's POV

After the "incident" I went inside my apartment room, and took a refreshing cold shower. It felt nice to relax knowing I wasn't going to be tackled again. The weirdest part of those girls were that I couldn't see where the boys they were chasing were. 

After my shower, i put on a pair of gray ripped skinny-jeans. Along with a yellow skin-tight tee. I've been here in London for about a month now, and I've already got a best friend. A really good best friend, who goes by the name Melissa. She lived in apartment 3C. Two floors up from mine. 

It was already about 1 o'clock in the afternoon, and I decided to go up to her, and see if she wanted to get something to eat. The elevator is broken and i hate stairs. So i changed my mind, and texted her to meet me at my apartment, ASAP!



It literally seemed like she wanted to knock my door down. She fucking slammed the door and it knocked down a picture on the opposite wall. I couldn't help but snort at her action.

"Hey Jess" 

"Whaaddup Liss?"

"Nothing, starving. You?"

"Well I'm starving too, now let's go get some food before i eat your you"

We got into the white Chevy Cruze that my dad had gotten me, two years before he died.  



"thank you" 

Pulling in to Nando's we saw in the window that there were a goup of guys. Not just regular guys, but cute guys. When we ordered, we sat down at a booth made for 4, but we always liked to take them and sit. 

When our food arrived, i went up to go to the bathroom. After doing my "business" I washed my hands in cool water, and fixed my hair. I rushed out of The "Loo" as my stomach growled for food. Not paying attention a boy who seemed to care way TOO MUCH for his hair ran right into me. His food got all over my shirt, and I was sort of speechless. 

" god, look i'm really sorry. Wait, wait here. me uhm..i'll get some napkins" He said. 

Jesus Christ, not them. Jess thought. Anything but them. Of course One Directio. had to be at Nando's. 

I didn't really care anymore about the stains on my shirt. I just went over to Melissa, and strictly told her, Grab the food. Lets go.

"Why? I thought we were gonna eat here?"

"Look Melissa we can eat at my place. I'm just not that hungry...anymore."

And with that, we waled right out the door, and left.

~Note from Author~

ACCCK! Honsetly this could've been worse! I had to study for my finals, and stuff. But I really wanted to get this done, so here it is! Hope you enjoyed it~.

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