The Boy's That Changed My Life

Jessica never really planned to meet One Direction. Just a day ago, she didn't know who they were, nor did she care who they were. But when a cute boy with brown curls offers her something she could never pass down, does her whole world turn around?


4. A little surprise

 My fingers delicately draped over the piano keys, my mind spinning around in different circles with indistinguishable lyrics. After pressing a key, I let the sound hit me like a wave of ecstasy and ease. The lyrics spun through my head hopelessly, falling off my tongue. My keys collided in deep precision with the white and black keys. 

I sang my heart out, until I heard a strange knock on the door. I knew it wasn't Melissa because she knocks like a young child, too afraid of her own shadow. 

When I opened the door a boy not much older than me with a cheeky grin on his face. I couldn't help but put on a frown, realizing that he probably just heard me. But I was shocked at the same time, noticing that the one Harry Styles was standing at my door, waiting for me to reply. 

I blushed a little, then nodded my head and asked,

"May I help you?"

"Uhm, yes my mate is looking for a girl. He really wanted to apologize. Out of my expectations, I'm guessing that's you..?"

"May I ask where your 'mate' is?"

"OH! Yeah...ZAAAAAYN. Come her lad!" He shouted. 

I let out a stupid little giggle as his friend rushed down the hall, almost slipping onto his butt. 

"Ello, I'm guessing you're..Zayn?"

"Yeah, l pleasure to meet you" He replied taking my hand and shaking it. 

"Well then, come on in. Bring your other mates, I wouldn't want them to be out there freezing their bums of in that way-too-cold hallway!"

Their other friends came down the hall and walked in smiling, and shaking my hand, introducing themselves. The took a seat on the couch right across from my piano, and I stood there with a bowl of chips in my hand.


"Oh yes please!"Niall announced taking a handfull of chips,stuffing it in his mouth, then shrugged, and took the entire bowl. 

I laughed to myself, and blushed as the boy Harry hit his fellow mate in the bum as he turned around to sit. 

"So you play piano, eh?" Liam spoke up.

"Uh, yeah a little."I admitted, with a blunt tone in my voice. I instantly regretted the tone of voice as he let out a little oh, and bowed his head down, fiddling with his thumbs.

"So uh, I'm really sorry about earlier. I wasn't paying attention, and you seemed very disturbed about the situation that I had to come over and fully apologize. I hope you don't mind, I promise we weren't stalking you. We just sorta followed you to find where you were going" Zayn sheepishly mentioned.

"That's the same thing you idiot!" Louis blurted out

The room was filled with laughter.

"I'm Jess by the way."

"Nice to meet you, uh, we should be going, do you mind if we all exchange numbers?" Niall asked licking the vinegar off his fingers.

"Oh yeah sure!"

I smiled and we all got up and exchanged numbers.

A few hours after they left, I recieved a text from Harry; 

Hello Love, are you available tomorrow? xx.-Harry


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