The Boy's That Changed My Life

Jessica never really planned to meet One Direction. Just a day ago, she didn't know who they were, nor did she care who they were. But when a cute boy with brown curls offers her something she could never pass down, does her whole world turn around?


1. Jackson to London


Jessica's POV 

Honestly I had never really planned moving to London. Neither did I know  that my Mom had bought me my own apartment. I guess she wanted me out of the house. But hey, i can't be sad about moving to London! I needed to get out of this stupid rathole of a town called Jackson. Yup, I lived in Jackson, Mississipi, and look at me now. I'm a gal moving from Jackson to London. But honestly the worst part of moving, was when i got trampled by a bunch of screaming girls. Here's how it went.

I woke up on a  cloudy Tuesday morning. Still in my sweatpants and tank top i went out to pick up my mail. Honestly, I still had the crud in my eyes, and I was still half-asleep. So when I heard a bunch of stupid screaming girls, I guess I should've suspected something. But being the fucking retard I am, I allowed myself to be "jumped" by a bunch of crazed girls. When I got up from being tackled i rubbed the shit out of my eyes and realized they were fans of some band called, One Direction.


Yes, I Jessica Monroe, just got tackled by a bunch of fucking One Direction fans. 

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