Undercover Alien

The O.S. Authorities are looking for me. I have to get away. I have to hide somewhere. If they find me, catch me. Then its ALL over.


5. Chapter 5

"For God's sake you two, don't kill each other like you nearly did yesterday", says Russela, a young man with brown hair, "And I'm talking to you mainly Cherri, I don't want to explain to Potlis why Alice has stab all over her" 

I'm sitting cross legged on the floor next to the reflex testing station, watching the same two girls in the meeting preparing for the test.

"Excuse me, but Cherri only over powered me because someone put crushed sleeping pills into my water bottle", Alice says as she ties her green hair into two ponytails. Russela rolls his eyes.

"Am I setting this for two people?", he says glancing at Cherri who is occupied with putting her blue hair into a messy bun on her head.

"Obviously", Alice says picking up two sticks, one red and the other black, with hard foam balls at the end, "Come on Cherri, your hair looks fine"

Cherri tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear and takes the red stick from Alice. They stand on a white cross painted on the floor. Around them are four thick metal posts with circles dotted around them.

"What level do you want it? 1? 5? 10?", Russela asks. Cherri glares at him.

"Don't mock us or we'll kill you, despite Potlis's instructions", she says.

"Fine then, level 80", Russela says, punching the numbers in the keypad on the wall, "Ready when you are, just say now when you want it to start"

I wonder why they are trying such a high level. They can't be that good. Can they? Alice and Cherri position themselves back to back and raise their sticks.They turn their heads to Russela.

"Now", they say. Russela presses the start button. A loud siren sounds. Nothing happens. I look around, expecting something to happen. Alice and Cherri stand as still as statues. Suddenly the circles on the posts start lighting up. The girls start hitting the circles with the ends of their sticks. 

It sounds simple, stupid even but the sight before me was amazing. They were hitting the circles with such speed that their bodies looked like a trail of colours. At one point Cherri back flipped over Alice. Well, I think she did because it happened so fast. Everything just flashed by.

Another siren sounded and everything stopped. The lights went off and the girls stood back on the cross in the same position as they started. Then they relaxed. Alice's hair was ruffled up and Cherri's hair had fallen out of her bun. 

"What's the score?", Alice says pulling the hair out of her face.

"An even 500 each", Russela says. I stare at them, gob smacked. Cherri smiles at me.

"I believe it's your turn"


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