Undercover Alien

The O.S. Authorities are looking for me. I have to get away. I have to hide somewhere. If they find me, catch me. Then its ALL over.


3. Chapter 3

The smell of anespetic brings me back to reality, my eyes heavy but still able to slide open. My vision is blurred yet I can still feel the tubes sticking out of my arms. I can feel something being pumped into my veins. Something that's as hot as lava. My eyes are wide open now and I can see where I am.

Light bounces off everything in the room making it white and uncomfortably shiney. My eyes can register what is making that light but what ever it is, it's making a low humming sound. My head is heavy and I'm really drowsey. So drowsey that I am in danger of sliping back to sleep. But I can't, I need to know why I'm here.

I can't rember what I was doing before. Wait, the giant metal claw, and the cage. I focus on the walls of the white room. I don't think they are metal bars but I'm not sure. I try to get up. Something keeps me glued to the seat. I try again but with little luck. I must be strapped in. I slide my arm out of one strap.

I'm about to rip the tubes from my arm when I feel the hot liquid stop seeping into my veins. Suddenly the tubes pop out of my arms by themselves. Confused, I try lifting myself up. I'm able to stand but I collapse to the ground. I guess I was here for a few days, enougth for them to grow weak.

The low humming stops and a high piched siren-like sound echoes around the room. It breaks and a woman's voice announces something. I listen closely, the echoing not helping much.

"Transformation complete, 2 palament soliders to experiment room 652"

Instantly the wall infront of me slides apart in layers and 2 men in black uniform lift me up and carry me out the room and along a corridor. Everything is so bright that I close my eyes and let myself be dragged by these soliders.

Eventully we come to a stop. I raise my head as I feel myself being dropped into another chair. A figure sits oppsite me. My eyes lock onto it. Something about its size, the way it sits in the chair, I know its someone I met in the past. Before I can place who it is, the figures voice booms around the room.

"Members, please welcome our latest Hiret"

Then I realise, I am looking right at Potlis.

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