Undercover Alien

The O.S. Authorities are looking for me. I have to get away. I have to hide somewhere. If they find me, catch me. Then its ALL over.


2. Chapter 2

The Looney tunes theme blares from the television. Will's laughter fills the room.

"Will, can you please help me pack!", I shout from my bedroom. My suitcase, on the bed, is surrounded by clean but crumpled clothes. I stand in among the mess of shoes on the floor. Will stands in the doorway, his eyes widen at the state of the room.

"Come on woman you don't need all of this, Potlis will probably issue us the Palament clothes", He says picking up four pairs of shoes and dropping them into my wardrobe. I sigh and join him by hanging up a short purple dress. I stroke the velvet sleeves.

"I won't like it though, neither will you", I say falling back onto my bed. Will sits next to me, holding my stripey socks.

"We've been waiting to do a run for years, just do as Potlis says and you never know, we could be doing another run in the future", he pauses to let me decide whether or not to go along with what he says. I nod after battling it out in my head. He is right, if we listen to Potlis then he will send us on another run. If we are still alive.

"Come on, we should have some pot noodles somewhere in the cupboard", Will takes my hand and leads me out of the mess, down the stairs and into the kitchen. I open the fridge and get two cans of coke as Will boils the kettle.

"I'll go in the office, see if Potlis has sent us any more messages", I say halfway at the door. Will shoots his hand out and grabs my arm. He pulls me back against him. He covers my mouth with his hand and places his lips next to my ear.

"Don't say a word", his voice hushed. He can sense something. Suddenly I feeling of fear shoots through me. Will isn't a Qeta, he is a Hiret. And when scared, Hirets go mentally blind and kill every living thing within a ten meter radius. I see him grab a glass from the counter and thrust it under the cold water tap. He fills the glass and then pours water all over him. I step back, it's the only thing I can do. I dart out of the kitchen and run out the house. 

Find help. Magpies and pigeons swoop around the trees that line the roads.Their calls sound like screeches. One of the birds fly into my face, as I struggle to push it away, a bright light glares into my eyes. As the bird flies away a metal hand encloses around my body,lifting my up in the air like a rag doll. The last thing I remember is being flung into a cage and a sharp pain in my neck.

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