Undercover Alien

The O.S. Authorities are looking for me. I have to get away. I have to hide somewhere. If they find me, catch me. Then its ALL over.


1. Chapter 1

I pull my hood over my head, hiding my face with its shadow. I ignore the few people trudging through the streets as the small droplets of rain fall around them. I turn into the gap between two run down shops. I hold my breath, trying to avoid the stench of rotten fish and rat droppings. Something squelches under my boot. I don't stop to examine it because the flickering lamp gives off very little light.

I squeeze myself through the small gap at the end of the alley way. I trudge through the puddles now forming on the open streets. By the time I get to my house, my feet are soaking from the rain water that seeped into my boots. I hang my coat up and leave my shoes in the hallway. I loosen my hair from its hair tie. Walking into the kitchen I sigh, feeling the hair on my shoulders again feels amazing. I grab a bottle of coke from the fridge and walk into my office.

"Nice walk?", says Will raising his own bottle of coke to his lips. I nod and look towards the computer screen, a faint beeping noise.

"Whats that?", I say gesturing to the screen with my bottle. Will bites his lip, he only does this in moments when he is tring to hide something from me.


"The truth please"

"Well, it's a message from Potlis"

"So?", I say slumping into the chair in the corner, my legs over the chairs arm. Potlis is always sending us messages.

"Just look at it", Will ushers me to the computer. My eyes slide across it reading the words, the more I read, the more the words become blurred. The bottle slips from my hand and smashes on the floor.

"You know what this means?", I whisper. Will answers for me.

"We going to have to do a run"


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