The BIG Poetry Competition- My Entry: Springtime

I am going to write my first piece of poetry here on Movellas, and its going to be for a Competition!

I know it isn't spring, but I'm going to remind you what it was like to see the lambs skipping and the meadows blooming!!

I hope you enjoy!!

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1. Springtime..


Eggs hatching under the first full sun,

Watching ice-fresh streams run, run, run, 

Watching baby lambs a-skipping,

As the dewy meadow keeps them a-slipping. 

Are all the signs of Spring. 



Flowers blooming of all different kinds,

Crocuses, daffodils, none left behind,

Rabbits and squirrels search for their food,

Farmers to the crows, shoo, shoo, shoo,

Are all the signs of Spring.



The caterpillars are squirming,

The ants are marching,

The birds are tweeting,

And everything is growing,

Are all the signs of Spring.  



Hi all! This is Scotty Boy!

I hope you all enjoyed and reminisced over my Poem: Springtime!

Please can you like, comment and share to all of your Movellians Buddies! :D


Scott Rutherford.




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