If I were granted three wishes they would be You, Me, Us.

Gemma has been a 1D fan for ages and when Harry Styles falls for her can one mistake break everything she loves? and can true love pull through even the most unforgivable events?


2. Concert Gone Wrong.

*Gemma's P.O.V*

"Bah bah black sheep. Have you any wool?!" Stacy was being her usual self. Maybe even a little more than usual seeing she was hyped up because we are on our way to the concert! We are all excited. Stacy is singing nursury rhymes, don't know why, Vanessa is almost jumping out her window! Tori is driving so she is trying to keep focus, Faith it talking to herself and I have the giggles. "Everyone! Clam down if you want to make it to the concert without crashing!" Tori has always been the sensible one..

*Tori's P.O.V*

'Tori, consentrate! You are driving, this is no time to freak out' I kept telling myself, but truth was I couldn't help it. I know I am 17 and everyone thought I would be over them by now but I honestly cant help but freak out when I think of how close our tickets are.

*Vanessa's P.O.V*

This is unreal! We have all loved the boys since 2010 and have never seen them live. And here we are, 3 years later going to see them front row. Everything is going right for a change and I'm loving it. I have been having a real tuff time lately. My parents are currently going through a divorce and have both been trying to convince me to come live with them and I'm really confused about everything. And the boys have been the only reason I made it through, besides the girls of course.

*Stacy's P.O.V*

"Bah bah black sheep have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir. 3 bags full! One for the famer and one for the maid and one for the little boy who lives down the lane!" "Stacy! will you shut up?" I think I'm starting to annoy Tori.


*Faith's P.O.V*

Oh.My.God! 73 minutes untill the concert starts! Tonight it going to be amazing. "Guys! Do yous realise how colse the concert is? In just over an hour we will be staring at our future husbands!"


*Gemma's P.O.V*

We all started fangirling. It was dark already because it is winter. None of us were really paying attention to what was going on outside the car. And none of us saw the turck coming full speed around the corner...

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