to good to be true.

he was once just a guy , who meant so little to me at once stage , little did i know who was everything i wanted/needed & he meant everything to me. true story *


3. feelings changeing

At last the day came, i got to see him. I could finally answere all the ununswered questions.
We were at the airport i didnt really notice him till just before we were bording. I saw him from the corner of my eye, i turned so i could see him clearly, i looked him in the eyes, my stomach twitching , my heart raceing & mme mind just rushing , i felt like i was in heaven. Everything went smoothly, i was lucky enough to not shame myself. We arrived in Auckland. Friday , saturday & sunday went well , we didnt really talk, we always caught one another stairing at eachother. Sunday night we had our dance with all the athelets at one of the collage halls. before the dance i had been talking to his cousin & they are real tight, she said to get all em boys tonight i said i only wanted one. she said who. i had told her & she asked me if she could tell him and i said yes thinking oh well yolo. i didnt realise she had told him then , i was thinking when we had got home. the dance had come, i was sore so i just sat down. He tried to get me to dance , but i couldnt i was sore, he came & sat next to me we talked he asked me to dance but i couldnt. The night went really fast.
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