to good to be true.

he was once just a guy , who meant so little to me at once stage , little did i know who was everything i wanted/needed & he meant everything to me. true story *


1. unknowen feelings

It was just a nomal sunday at athletics, seeing the normal faces. I was warming up for my 100 meter finals, he came up with a group of other boys, they came over & talked to me, he was tryna get me with one of his friends. I didnt like his friend , he was a nice guy & all but just not my type. He friends name was denny , he stared making up quotes saying that denny said them , i still remember one "is you're dad a theaf ? cos he stole the stars from the skys & put them in you're eyes. Suddently i felt butterflies in my stomach & i could feel my feelings for him. I knew it was wrong at that time, cos he had a girlfriend & he was tryna get me with his friend , so i tried forgot about it.
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