As soon as you become someone's friend you are instantly labeled as their friend but how is it that friend can become girlfriend or even rival?


1. Childhood friend

Ive known you since we were little,

when our skin was fair and dry,

scrapes, cuts and bruises,

were received due to adventures in the sky.

You would call me Tom,

and I would call you Jerry,

the mouse and the cat would play all day,

until they had no more energy.

I have not seen you for a year now,

I confessed when we both were sixteen,

you looked at me astonished,

when the confession came out suddenly.

We are both seventeen now,

and the times have now passed,

the times which I wept while I prayed,

would be wasted tears on my arms.

You left me to suffer as you're heart was not mine,

from childhood to present,

goodbye sweet friend of mine.


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