The heart

Everyone's heart is a different size and makes the person who they are. This poem is about how the heart can be the anchor and sail of the human body and that the heart is not something of meek importance.


1. The Organ

The body is made up of tissue, blood and fat,

it generates together to give life like that,

of an animal or human who is born at the start,

with a beating red organ, an organ called the heart.

The heart is the center of the body, the battery of life,

without any source of it,

there would be no meaning of life.

The heart comes as a package with the owner that holds,

the future and fate that will shape you till you're old.

Giving out you're heart to the one that you love,

is the very same heart which carried deceit, hatred and lust.

Oh my heart reveals my love! the foolish may exclaim,

although they know that their heart is just as weak, small and vain.

As the crab who takes shelter in the rocks as it hides,

from the pressure of god's wrath, the beating of the unforgiving tide,

see it that the heart is the organ of the soul,

which will determine the cycle of love, hate and sorrow.

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