Homeless Child


2. Taunted

Blistered lips with yellow brown teeth,

she ushered acting like a thief.

Her torn ripped clothes covered in mud,

the swelling of her cuts bruised with blood.

Her skin, oil brown sweating in the sun,

as her hair hung out low as she sung.

"I once was a pretty little girl" she whispered

"My eyes once blossomed and shone like led,

my skin once tanned and pure from disease,

became corrupted on sickness not ease."

"But even though I usher this song,

may the blood in your veins run cold, bitter torn,

since you care about the way you look but instead,

of thinking about the way your insides are fed."

"I bet you they're swollen and dripping wet blotches,

of tears long forgotten behind the barricade of obnoxious."



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