Nialls secret lover.

I'm just choosing the story as I write..


2. The day after

I wake up and see that Liam has gone to get breakfast. He is a really sweet kid. Eleanor is half awake and Zayn is fixing his hair. I walk into the living room to see some random girls and a guy were sleeping there. Niall is in my bedroom still asleep. He had walked me home and I asked him to stay, we cuddled all night until we fell asleep. I walk a bit closer to the boy stranger. 

"Who are you?" I ask loud enough for him to wake up a bit but quiet enough not to shout.

"Uh, I'm Harry" the curly haired guy said with a sleepy voice. "Where am I?"

"You're in my house. Do you remember why you ended up here?" I ask, hoping to find out why he's here.

"No, not really." He says and goes back to sleep.

I walk back into the kitchen where Eleanor and Perrie are drinking their tea. 

"Do you guys know why there are strangers sleeping in the living room?" I ask them and they turn to me with a smile.

"Yes, they said they knew the guy you were with last night and they didn't remember where they were so we took them home. They were pretty drunk." Eleanor replies. 

I walk into my bedroom and see Niall open his eyes.

"Hey. Are you awake?" I ask and walk over to my bed. I brush his cheek with my thumb.

"Yeah, I'm hungry." he says, obviously wanting breakfast soon.

"My friend, Liam went to buy some. He'll be back soon." I answer and kiss him on the cheek. He smiles and closes his eyes.

"Wake me when breakfast is ready." he says and turns around.

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