Nialls secret lover.

I'm just choosing the story as I write..


1. Beach romance

My hair's blowing in the wind, my feet are wet and sandy from walking along the shore while al the cute couples are sitting by the fire we made earlier. Louis and Eleanor are holding hands and cuddling and so were Liam and Danielle. Zayn and Perrie are kissing and laughing. I am alone, before when Eleanor, Perrie, Danielle and I were just friends, things were easier for me. 

"Having fun alone?" a cheeky voice asks behind me. The voice is a stranger to me, I have never heard it before.  I turn around to see a cute Irish boy smiling at me.

"Yeah, it sure is fun being here with three cute couples when you're single. What about you? Are you here with anyone?" I smile back. He chuckles and shakes his head.

"I came here with a friend and some girls but all the girls are pretty much after my friend." he says and points to a group of people a bit longer down the beach.

"Fun." I reply ironically. 

"So what's your name, beautiful?" he says, trying to flirt. I felt flattered by the word beautiful.

"Sofie and what's yours?" I ask and move a little closer and we begin to walk down the shore.

"Niall. Niall Horan." he says as he takes my hand and slowly looks down at me. "You're beautiful, Sofie."

I blush. Nobody has ever told me directly I am beautiful. 

"Thank you. You're pretty good-looking yourself." I say and look up at him smiling. 

We walk down the beach, talking for a while as he suddenly stops me.

He turns to me so we're face to face and removes a bit of hair from my hair. He leans in and so do I. As our lips meet, I feel the butterflies in my tummy fly wildly around and he places his hand on my hips and pull me closer. As we stop kissing and pull away slightly we look into each others eyes and smile. We sit down in the sand, we watch the sunset while holding hand and talking. I really like this guy.

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