Baby Tomlinson

Elenor cheats on Louis with a boy but cause Louis is angry and cheats on elenor back with his best friend but after that night he finds who he really loves


2. Chap.2

I woke up and next to me was Louis i smiled then my smile came to a frown. I realised we didnt use a condom.

OH well it will be alright ,i fell ack asleep.

1 week Later


LOuis and El has got back together and LOuis hasnt yet told her about what we did.

But the weird reason is that i been sick every morning this week. So i decided to take a pregnancy test and it came out positive. But you dont know cause they can be a bit dogie so i went to the clinic and they said i was pregnat.


'I need you to come over!' i screamed down the  phone to danielle.

She came over as quick as possible. And she stromed through the door and i handed her the peice of paper that said i was pregnant.

'OHHHH im sorry babe but you are gonna have to tell who the dad of this baby is and he is??'

' I cant tell him because hes got a girlfriend, Its Louis1"

'uh umm well tell him before things get worse, OK but dont tell anyone esspecially Liam!'

'But you have to tell lOUIS PROMISE!'


 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A few Hours  later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

i typed Louis number in the phone and rang him

'Can you come over?'

'yeah sure i will be there in a minute'.

knock knock

i opened up the door and told Louis to sit down!


'Um louis '


'Im pregnant!'

'and its yours'

silence fell and he stormed out the door

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