Baby Tomlinson

Elenor cheats on Louis with a boy but cause Louis is angry and cheats on elenor back with his best friend but after that night he finds who he really loves


1. Chap. 1

'Louis i have somthing to tell you,i cheated on you but i was drunk and i wish i didnt do it!'

'No dont say anymore dont matter if you were drunk or not you should of just came home!

'Where are you going?! '

'theres somthing i have to sort out!'


i got a text from Louis saying that hes coming over and he broke up with El.

Knock Knock

i went and opened the door Louis came in and sat down on the sofa.I slammed the door shut and i went and sat next to louis he turned around and  started kissing me ive been wanting this to happen for ages!!

His tounge licked my lip for entrence i let it we went up to my room and he started taking of my clothes and you know what happened.


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