A week in London

About a girl who gos to London for her 18th birthday and meet ONEDIRECTON read to fine Out more (please tell me if you wanna no more)


2. We're in London?

It was a long flight from new york to London but me and Rosie sleep most of the flight 

We got off the plain so exited that we didn't see  were we was going I bumped in some blond guy and drop both of are stuff 

"I'm so sorry" I said 

"it's okay" I heard an irish accent say

Rosie was just sitting there shocked and when I seen who it was so was i 

It was one direction Rosie asked for a pic so we take the pic and Niall asked what was are names 

"ruby" I said 

"Rosie" Rosie said 

Niall said we had cute names and we talked a little more with the boys then niall asked for my number, we exchanged numbers 

And me and Rosie had to go we got to are room Unpacked and lad on the bed talking about what a crazy day we had 

Nialls P.O.V 

The second I saw her I knew I wanted her in my life she look so sweet with her green eye beautiful smile and her taned skin I couldn't help but ask for her number 

After she left Harry gave me a smirk has if he knew I liked her 

"I seen the way you looked at her" Harry said 

"wasn't she beautiful" Niall said 

"her friend was kinda cute to" 

"lads the car is out side" zayn yelled so we ran to the car 

Ruby's P.O.V 

Me and Rosie still couldn't believe we ran in to ONE DIRECTION! It was so crazy then I heard my phone beep I grabed my phone and seen it was Niall I screamed and Rosie asked what happen I said 
"Niall texted me!"

"ARE YOU GONNA REPLY OR SHOULD I!" Rosie said with a laugh 

The text said "hey love" 
So I replyed with "sup" I was kinda nervous he relayed with "nothing just bored wanna grab some lunch with me and Harry?"

"sure we're should we meet up?"


"okay give me at lest one hour to get ready" 

"Okay I'll be waiting ;) xx" 
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