A week in London

About a girl who gos to London for her 18th birthday and meet ONEDIRECTON read to fine Out more (please tell me if you wanna no more)


3. Lunch with Niall

Ruby's P.O.V

Me and Rosie only had one hour to get ready so we rushed I picked out a cute little pink skirt with some flats and a nice yellow tank 
And just let my dirty blonde hair down, 

Rosie had on some Ripped jeans with a half shirt with a messy bun have to say my self we looked awesome 

we didn't really put on 
make up we just put on some gloss and a little mascara 
We got to Nandos and we seen Harry and Niall sitting down they looked so cute me and Rosie just looked at each other and smiled we went to sit and Niall 

"said let me Oder I no the best stuff here" 
I just nodded we started to giggle it was pretty cute then we talked he asked 

"so what yous doing here" 

"my birthday Is in a week and me and rose been best friends since forever and we alway wanted to come to London" 

"oh we'll you should let us show you around" Harry said 

Rosie quickly said "sure!" so I started to laugh so Did the boys and rosie started to blush are food came and harry and Niall both said "I wanna see what you's Expression is when yous take a bite of the chicken" it was amazing! And the potatos were amazing has well 

Nialls P.O.V 

She looked so gorgeous and when she smiled at Rosie her smile lid up is was so perfect and her giggle was so cute I really liked her a lot, 

Harry's P.O.V

I think I'm really starting to get feelings for Rosie she's very beautiful her navy blues eyes shine and her beautiful bright smile and her light brown wavy hair I really think I'm starting to like her 

After we dropped the girls to the  hotel Niall kept talking about ruby but I couldn't get my mine off rosie and how pretty she was, 

Rosie's P.O.V 

Harry was so cute with his curls  and his greens eye ugh he was so handsome, 

After we got up to the room we jumped in the shower and put on are PJ's we set down and order the note book that was are fav show we didn't really watch it tho we kept talking about lunch we spent the whole day with them

"I really like Niall" Ruby said 

"yeah I think he likes you to" 

"really you think so" 

"yeah I could tell by the way he looked at you" 

"did you see the way Harry was looking at you" 

"shut up ruby he don't like me were kinda just friend" 

"yeah yeah yeah well GoodNight rose Im kinda tired after today" 

"Yeah me to GoodNight"
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