love forever

love stories, of different loves.Narrated through poems.
all are different.all are unique. you may like them


1. dream guy

here,in my dreams,

do i meet you

you,with your gorgeous smile,

and warm embrace


i come to you

slowly taking my step

where you hug me tight,

as always,i feel warm and protected


on the beach,

we go hand in hand

taking in the beautiful sunset;

i never want it to end


now does the cover of the night

befall on us

as the full moon rises

and the stars smile.


you make me laugh,

you make me cry,

you make me do that,

never wanting to say goodbye


and as the unwanted sun approaches,

bathing in sunlight,

I don't want to do it,

but i kiss you goodbye


slowly my eyes open

trying to shed off the light

here i am,back in reality,

dedicating my first smile of the day for you,


lying in bed, i think about you

missing you a lot

bot somewhere in my heart i knew,

we are never apart



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