Something's happen for the better

The guys of one direction get stuck in the state of virginia. They walk to the nearest thing a hotel.there they meet Emely Mia Sierra Leah and Marie at a quincenera party. One of these girls hold a secret.


4. TwitCam

Emely pov.

"what are you doing here" I said as I opens the door to see my mom  

"well honey I have to visit you at some point so why not now hahah" my mom said. She has black straight hair and brown eyes. My mom is a young mom she had her first baby at 13 I'm her second she had me at 14. 

" you can come in but I have friends over and we just came back from Gladis' quince."   

"that's fine mi hija" with that she went in.  I closed the door and walked behind her.  

"guys this is my mom. Mom these are my friends" I said   

"what good looking boys hahaha" she said " where is my nieta"    \

"Louis has her...where did he go" I sad noticing he wasn't there

" the baby fell asleep so he took her up" Liam said. I noticed something   

"ohhh sorry mom she fell asleep"  

"la gran puchica I wanted to see her. I'll come back later next week" with that she left. She never stays late.

"what does nieta and la gran puchica mean?" Zayn asked  

"la gran puchica mean like umm are you kidding me. Something like that"   

" why did you and Sierra lea... Ohh Hi". Mia said entering the kitchen  

"everyone this is Mia. Mia I'm tired of introducing" I said " if its ok I'm going to bed. You guys can deside  who sleeps in what room."  

" we got it planed out and I think Louis choose a solo room. Me and Zayn will share the room on the second floor. Niall and Harry solo rooms." Liam said said getting up to stretch.  

" we'll goodnight don't stay up so late girls we got got school tomorrow. Marie better not come home late. Ohhh man I forgot to call the baby sitter" with that I left   When I got to my room I saw Louis asleep on my bed with Ezmeralda on his stomach   

"Louis" I said shaking him " you fell asleep on my bed." I picked up the baby and placed her in her crib

"few more minutes" he said rolling onto his side  

"Louis I kinda want to go to sleep. I have school tomorrow" I sad shaking him again. I suddenly felt arms wrap around my waist pulling me on to the bed.   

"Well go to asleep" he started singing  

"really could I sleep on my bed alone please" my vision was turning black  

"Goodnight" was all I heard. Everything went black.  

Mia pov.

" I want to do a twit cam" Liam said taking out his laptop.    

"well it was nice meeting you guys really. I'm heading for bed" I said getting up from the table chair.  

"No wait don't go" Zayn said. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me over to him. I ended up sitting on his lap. I felt a spark when our eyes met. I blushed a little. " this is going to be fun stay"  

" do I have a choice? You have your arms around my waist really tightly" I said laughing  

"hey!!! How is everyone" Liam said I guess he started the twitcam  

Liam pov.

I saw that look Zayn was giving when he saw Mia. I'll talk to him later.   

"hey!!! How is everyone" I said I had millions of viewers. 

"our car broke down so we are at a wounderful persons house" I said  '@rolinshsm 'who's house Liam'

  "well let me introduce you to them." I turned my laptop over to leah and Sierra who were talking about something "Leah sierra. I'm Doing a twitcam say hi"

"hi" said Sierra 

"hey woe my hair is a mess. Stupid dance messed it up" Leah said 

"Leah your hai looks fine" I said " and this is Mia she was about to leave but Zayn stopped her." Mia waved at the camera. 

I turned the laptop to Harry " where did Louis go." 

" no idea he took Ezmeralda up stairs but never came back. Let's go look for him" with that we all got up and walked up stairs

" now everyone who is watching we are going to look for Louis" 

We went all the way to the third floor.

We checked the 3 guest rooms it was empty. When we open the door funniest thing ever

"well everyone I guess we found him. He's asleep on the floor of Emely's room." 

'@realize_i_love whose Emily?' I read outloud " she's the other girl who lives here. There is about 1more girl left. Well everyone it was awesome to talk to you I'll twitcam soon" with that I went off line

"Louis get up mate your on the dirty carpet" I said shaking him.

"few more min..." he said but I cut him off

" no more few minutes get up" 

"fine fine I'm up " he got up and walked to the last door of rooms.

"Well that was really funny. I'm tiered so I'm Going to bed good night" Harry said walking to the next door room.

"Well I guess I'm going too" Niall said going to the non taken room.

Me Mia Zayn Sierra  and Leah walked to the second floor

"well it was nice meeting you. Goodnight" Sierra said walking into her room. 

Leah and Mia left for her room too.

Me and Zayn. We desided that I would take the top and he the bottom 

"Goodnight Zayn" 

"night Liam"


the twitter username is made up:) hope your liking it

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