Something's happen for the better

The guys of one direction get stuck in the state of virginia. They walk to the nearest thing a hotel.there they meet Emely Mia Sierra Leah and Marie at a quincenera party. One of these girls hold a secret.


5. i forgot...AND WHO DID THIS

Next day,

Emely pov.

I wake up to hear someone say shush baby what's wrong. I turn over to see Harry holding Ezmeralda.

"Harry what are you doing" I said sitting up rubbing my eyes.

"She was crying so I came and. Checked on her." He said handing me the baby

"Thanks for checking her for me." I heard a beep " what was that"

"it's just my twitter notification." he says checking " it's a picture of us look."

As I looked at the picture it rally was me and him. It was a picture of when he smiled down at me and I smiled and he was holding Ezmeralda.

"wow... I looked good in that dress" I said. Harry starts laughing

"hahahha yes you did" he said " I heared that you were going to call a babysitter yesterday did you call"

"OHHH MY GOSH!!! I forgot" I handed Harry the baby again. I went through everything looking for it.

"I can watch over her if you want" Harry said

"don't you guys have to leave "

"yeah we have a radio station interview today. Paul called me last night And I was woundering if we could stay the time we need please"

"um sure And really you can take care of her"

"yeah sure just get her ready befor you leave"

"k thanks you saved me today" I gave him a one sided hug " now can you please leave I have to change"

"yep" he handed me The baby and left.

Something's wrong with me. I got  nervous when I saw Harry. I felt butterflies in my stomach.

I changed into black skinny jeans mismatched socks, a tank top and a huge sweater. I put on my glasses. I hate going to school.

"Ezmeralda what are you going to wear today"  I said picking her up. She smiled at me and made baby noises. I put on a little flowery dress and her sandals. I put a pink  bow in her hair. I looked into her eyes.

"you remind me of him so much. I'm sorry your never going to meet him" I had tears. Somebody knocked on the door.

" WHO IS IT" I yelled

" it's me Mia hurry up we h e to be there early I forgot  to do my history paper" with that she left

" let's go baby" I fixed her bag with bottles and other stuff extra cloths just in case something happens. I grabbed my backpack and headed for the elevator.

Did I mention before the house had an elevator. Well it does it's so fun.

The elevator door opened up. I saw Niall stared at me with his mouth open

"it has an elevator and I just found out, those stairs aren't exactly fun going down" he said

"hahaha I thought I told you guys. I guess I forgot sorry but now you know.

I walked into the kitchen.

"good morning everyone" I said

"morning" they all said. Marie was there at least she came back home

" come one everyone out the door NOW!!" Mia yelled She took Ezmeralda out of my hands and the bag handed her to Liam and pushed me out the door. I didnt even say goodbye to them.

Harry pov.

Wow Mia was in a hurry.

"well what are we supposed to do with her." Liam said. I took the girl from him

"we wait for Paul Em. Left the seat here."

Few minute later I got a text from Paul saying he was at the front. As we drove to the radio station we passed a high school. I wonder if that's the school they go too.

We got out of the car and went into the building to the 7th floor. 

" well today we have special guest One Direction" the radio man said I found out his name was Ramon " and I see they brought a special guest with them  whats her name"

"her name is Ezmeralda" I said

"beautiful name. Why is she with you guys"

"well we are staying currently at a friends house here and she needed someone to take care of her" Niall said

An hour past. We had fun best one we've done and the little girl kept on making cute noises into the microphone.

"let's go to the school we passed by I think that's the one they go to. " I suggested and they agrees

When we entered the building it smelled really clean. I was about to open the door to the main office when I see emely come out of the infer miry room. I recognize that hair anywhere

"EMELY" I yelled out when she turned around. She had a shocked face. I saw her face. She had a black eye. I walked over to her and wrapped an arm around her. I was holding the baby still. "what happend "

The other guys formed a circle around us. Who did this to My Emely.... Wait did I just think my emely

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