Something's happen for the better

The guys of one direction get stuck in the state of virginia. They walk to the nearest thing a hotel.there they meet Emely Mia Sierra Leah and Marie at a quincenera party. One of these girls hold a secret.


6. Chapter 6

Zayn pov.

Whoe what happend. Emely had a black eye.  

"Did someone hit you" I asked

" no don't worry I just hit a.. Wall" she said.

"really want me to walk into a wall an see if I get a black eye from that" Harry said. He looked really mad " who did this to you"

I grabbed the baby from him. I Heard running foot steps behind me. I turn around to see Mia coming .

"There you Are Emely what did she do to you" she said still not noticing that we are behind her.

"so you are getting bullied" with that Harry picked Emely  up bridal style and walked out of the school with her struggling

" I made it worse." mia said

"has this happend befor" I asked

" yeah, I got to get back to class. Bye see you at home." I waved goodbye.

I watched her walk away. The smile shes has lights up my world. I felt someone smack my head

"what the heck why did you do that for Louis."

"well you we're staring and I was calling your name" he said using the same excuse as always.

"well lets get back to the house. I think Harry has poor Emely tied up so she won't leave hahahah" Liam said.

And we left the school. When we opened the limo we say Harry and emely asleep

"Paul what did you do" I asked

"Well they wouldn't stop arguing with each other so I took out the spray. At least there quiet."he said driving us back to the house.

"that was not the nicest thing to do. Now we have to carry Harry. And he's heavy." Liam said laughing

Well it ended up like this Niall took the baby Liam and Louis took Harry and I carried emely inside.

Well this day has been crazy I might say. But I'm loving it.

Leah pov.

I can't wait for school to end. Who wouldn't want it to finish.

"Leah,Em's not coming back Harry took her." Mia whispered to me. 

"that's good she doesn't have to deal with mecenzi. For today" I whispered back. Mecenzi always had a problem with her it's getting annoying. 

"mr. Anderson do you have the following people in your class at this moment Leah and Mia." the principles voice was heard. As he walked into the room.

"yes sir they are right there next to each other" the teacher said 

"well I'm going to need them to come with me" he said. We grabbed our stuff and walked out.

"what is this about?"I asked sorry I'm a curious person 

"well 2 young men have come to see you too. Liam and Niall they said they needed to talk to you about something" he finished saying as we got to the office door.    When he opened it we saw Niall eating food and Liam drawing on the board.

"well I'll let you 4 be" with that the principal left. 

"well what was the important thing you guys needed" I said sitting down on the chair in front of the window. 

"well nothing really we are bored at home. Harry and Emely are asleep don't question that, and Zayn went out for a walk. And we wear bored that why we came back" Liam said.

"that's wounderful you came. We were about to die in the class we where in." we talked till it was time to go. as we were walking liam asked me something

  "Leah would you like to go to dinner with me today" Liam said as we were waling to the limo. Niall and Mia were up ahead.   "

That would be lovely" i said kinda blushing. no one actually asked me out befor it was a first for me.  

"well we are going to the same place. umm we could leave at 7p.m."  

"Thats fine"  

25 minutes later  

" WHO THE HECK SPRAYED THAT THING ON ME!!!!!" i could here Emely yell from inside the house. we walked in and saw Emely standing on the couch. trying to be the same height as the other guys

"calm down calm down" we heard Louis say

" YOU WANT ME TO CALM DOWN. that is just outragious. the only thing i remember is being dragged to the limo by harry and then someone spayed us" she was mad for sure

"calm it emely it was Paul"

"Emely get off the couch youll never be at thier hight. i need your help come with me"  i walked over to the couch and dragged her off it and into my room. on her way we picked up ezmeralda

~in my room~

" Liam asked me on a date today i need your help with an outfit" i said sitting criss cross on my bed

"What kind of date is i? fancy, casual?" Emely said

"something fancy its a date at a resturant he told me"

"ok well lets see what you got"

An hour later Emely found the perfect dress. in that time Mia , Sierra Marrie came into the room. Emely picked a Qpid Showgirl Praline Strapless dress, they did my make up and hair.

"to finish it off these beautiful silver heals" Emely said showing me the shoes

"wow those are gorgeous whos shoes are those"

"there mine" Marie said " i baught them last year an never wore them"S

"well.. wow i feel taller" i said putting them on an standing up.

"well because you are freak i feel like a midget next to you wait never mind thats always" Emely said. as the someone knocked on my door.

"WHO IS IT!!!!" Sierra yelled

"its me niall is Leah ready" niall said i opend the door. "well i guess you are hahah you look really beautiful"

"Thank you"

"Let me go get my camera this is good stuff" Marie said running out of the room" and dont leave till i tell you"

we waited 3 minutes



The dress shes Wearing

i would love your opinion :)


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