Light and shadow

Just trying out different poems, please comment on what you think :)


3. Sunrise

The red, orange glow pierced the black sky,

and the luscious dark figures were torn.

The black murky waters slowly dyed red,

as the mountains and valleys brightened.

The horizon on the ocean dyed aqua,

as the sun forced the colors to spread.

The shunning of shadows and worries,

like a plague feebly killed in the light

Can you hear the animals?

the day does beckon to wake,

the animals and life of nature,

as the morning does rise up and take.

A new day means a new beginning,

and a new beginning means a new right,

to open you're eyes from their slumber,

and reawaken the will to fight.

As the day shakes out the dreams that,

were clouding and fooling you're minds,

remember that each dream you wake from,

will determine the reality of time.


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