Light and shadow

Just trying out different poems, please comment on what you think :)


1. Shadow

Ill tell you a riddle which makes life bemuse,

this is the secret to why we don't choose,

the right to ourselves and the fate we do face,

cannot be stopped for the higher we climb the more risks we will take.

If the light we do stake is out of our reach,

the battlements prepared will not stop for mans preach.

The fame and the glory which hovers on end,

will be the same glory that is make-pretend,

does it do any good if you stake out the light,

which glimmers and shines and glows ever so bright,

but warning to you for woe is the man,

who wears his face upwards towards the ascend.

The higher we reach, the harder it gets,

for the light we do face begins to widen suspense.

The shadow we all hold is the burden of man,

being mundane, human and mortal is the plug on wits end,

so be careful my readers to those who do read,

the brighter the light,

the less opportunity to succeed.


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