mistakes, a one direction love story

when 16 year old jessie gets pregnant shes left with no where to live untill zayn malik takes her in and also begins to love her, but how can she tell him shes pregnant with another mans baby?


1. the halloween party

jessie's POV: my handsome bf taylor walks up to me hiding somthing behind his back. excitedly he shows me a halloween party invitation! taylor kneels down as if to propose and asks me, Jessica May Williams would you do the honor of going to the halloween dance with me? i lean over and kiss him on the cheek then unknowingly start jumping up and down squealing YES YES YES! after that when school got over i rushed home and started getting ready, even though the party didn't start till 5:30 i wanted to look absolutely perfect for taylor. i wore a really tiny cheer costume that showed my stomach and put in a matching red and white belly button ring with my blonde hair down in loose curls. once i got there i immediately spotted taylor he looked sexy in his baseball uniform which was really tight on his *ss. i could tell he saw me and was checking me out so i did a little cheer pose then he smiled and came over to me, he had a drink for me i didn't know what it was but by the time i finnished that cup i could tell i was really tipsy. after about three more the world was spinning, the last thing i remembered was pushing taylor on to a bed and ripping of his shirt... i woke up the next morning in the same bed with taylor next to me "god what happened last night?" i wondered as i got out of bed i checked the time 9:00 AM! i slipped on my clothes as fast as i could while taylor was asleep then i tried to sneak out not wanting to bother him. once i got out of the room and shut the door i felt something slip up my throat. i ran to the nearest bathroom and hurled. huh must have been the booz i thought to myself and waited till i didn't feel sick then drove home. when i got home my mom was in the kitchen so i tried to sneak to the basement and act like i was just dpwn there all day, but then i heard her say "JESSIE!" now i knew i was dead meat. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!! I WAS WORRIED SICK!" i lied and said i was just at taylors watching movies and accidentaly fell asleep but she didn't believe it for a second considering how i was wearing a cheer costume. jessie this is the last straw! one more thing and your leaving! i can't believe she waould just say that to me so cold heartedly i mean i am almost 17 but still it s like she doesnt love me anymore, would she actually kick me out? a bit shaken i go to my bedroom but got sick on the way there. this time i was a little more worried but taylor would have you pretection. right?...



















































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