Three's a Crowd

Rose and Zayn have been best friends since before they can remember. When Zayn's life is completely turned upside down and he becomes 1/5 of the world's biggest boyband, he and Rose reconnect. Upon reuniting with Zayn, Rose meets the rest of the band, and nothing could prepare her for what was to come.


8. The Flat

Rose POV


Even though I told Zayn not to worry, that I would be fine, I knew he would worry anyway. He was so protective, but I loved that about him. The rest of dinner was uneventful, and we made our way back to Zayn's flat that he shared with Harry and Louis. Liam and Niall lived in the flat above us, which was nice. The car ride was silent, but Harry kept flashing me a grin every time I looked up. I just rolled my eyes.


When we got to the flat, the topic of sleeping arrangements had to be discussed, which Zayn admitted, embarassed, that he hadn't thought about that. Harry came up behind me and slid his arm around my waist, taking me by surprise. "Rose and I can share a bed," he said, bringing his face close to mine. God he smelled good. Surprisingly, it took all of my willpower to pull away from him.


"In your dreams, Styles," I smirked. "I'll just share with Zayn, we've done it before." And with that I walked off, barely concealing a grin as I saw the look on Harry's face. Zayn chuckled and patted Harry's shoulder and followed me to his room, while Louis roared with laughter.


Harry POV


I couldn't believe she just turned me down flat like that. No girl had ever done that to me before. I was quite disappointed that she resisted me so easily. And what had she meant when she said her and Zayn had shared a bed before? Had they slept together? Maybe there was more to their relationship than I thought. No matter. If she wanted to play hard to get, game on.


"Hey Lou," I said, "do you want to go make some popcorn, I want to watch a movie."


"Sure thing, mate," Louis said, and he disappeared into the kitchen.


I went over to Zayn's room, and I was about to knock on the door when I realized they were talking. My curiousity got the better of me, and I listened in.


"You sure took care of Harry," Zayn laughed, and I frowned.


"He's a cocky prick," I heard Rose say, and my breath caught in my throat. Is that really how she felt about me?


Zayn chuckled, and I had heard enough. I stormed back into the living room, where Louis was waiting with the popcorn.


"Where are Zayn and Rose?" He asked, popping a piece into his mouth.


"Oh, I was just in the toilet," I lied, "do you want to go fetch them while I pick out a movie?"


Louis got up to get them and I searched for something to watch. I found a scary one, and smiled to myself. Perfect. Louis returned with Zayn and Rose, and I patted the spot on the couch next to me, inviting Rose to sit. Instead, she sat next to Zayn on the floor, snuggling up to him as he threw a blanket over the two of them. I hated to admit it, but it hurt me that she did that, and I stayed silent the rest of the movie.


After the movie was over, we said our goodnights, and Rose, as promised, followed Zayn to his room. I shook my head a little and entered my own room, greeted by a cold, empty bed.



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